Passing Through L.A.

Last weekend I joined my mom in L.A. for a day. She had reserved a hotel room at the Renaissance Hotel for 1 night as she had an early flight the next day to Maryland. Coincidentally, it was also the same trip that I was supposed to go on but, sadly I declined for work-related reasons. Sigh!Read More »


Casey’s Cupcakes

I told myself this month I would cut down on my sweets intake for my health sake and for my weight. Somehow plans never go according to plan, at least, not when you’re presented in front of your eyes delicious treats like the desserts at Casey’s Cupcakes. Read More »

Con Mama

I woke up today and found my inbox filled of Mother’s Day messages. From flower graphics, Mothers Day headlines, to social media posts, I was reminded that I had a lunch date with my folks today to celebrate Mother’s Day.

As someone who doesn’t celebrate any sort of holidays in general, I was looking forward in trying out the Italian restaurant called Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria in Laguna Beach that dad picked out for us. Let it be known that he’s the one in the family with a refined and empeccable taste for food and clothes. Therefore, it came in no surprise that I enjoyed my dish.Read More »