“You are the sprinkles on my ice cream”

My sweet tooth was well prepared a month in advance for some yummy tastings at the Ice Cream Museum in L.A. Being an ice cream nut, I can assure you this visit has long waited. Read More »


Hitting Mid-30’s, It’s Time to Cut the Non-Sense.

I’m officially in my mid 30’s. I think I was nervous a couple of days ago thinking about it. I’ve read most articles about things you should or shouldn’t do by the time you’re at a certain age. I’ve also pondered about certain things that I’ve done in the past of what I should think where I should be in my life by now. Although, I came to realize that most of these things don’t apply to me. Should, would or could are all irrelevant. Read More »

3-Day Weekend Bits

Who’s excited for this long weekend? ME! Not because I’m going anywhere exciting except hang with the fam bam and maybe a few beach sesh depending on the weather. However, having to finally get some break from work is definitely needed. In the last few months, I’ve been buried with work and often times taking on overtime workload on the weekends. Finally, it’s paying off as I’ve been promoted as of today to take on a new position with my current job. Woohoo!Read More »