3-Day Weekend Bits

Who’s excited for this long weekend? ME! Not because I’m going anywhere exciting except hang with the fam bam and maybe a few beach sesh depending on the weather. However, having to finally get some break from work is definitely needed. In the last few months, I’ve been buried with work and often times taking on overtime workload on the weekends. Finally, it’s paying off as I’ve been promoted as of today to take on a new position with my current job. Woohoo!Read More »


Con Mama

I woke up today and found my inbox filled of Mother’s Day messages. From flower graphics, Mothers Day headlines, to social media posts, I was reminded that I had a lunch date with my folks today to celebrate Mother’s Day.

As someone who doesn’t celebrate any sort of holidays in general, I was looking forward in trying out the Italian restaurant called Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria in Laguna Beach that dad picked out for us. Let it be known that he’s the one in the family with a refined and empeccable taste for food and clothes. Therefore, it came in no surprise that I enjoyed my dish.Read More »

Binging on Creativity in The City of Angels (a.k.a. Los Angeles)

Some days I want to sleep in to catch up on zzz’s. Other times, I wake up early in the morning and run off to L.A. such as last weekend. I recently saw an Instagram post about an artwork that peaked my interest and like a curious cat, I did some digging and found that L.A. last month had a few interesting things to see. I got motivated and had been on a museum/exhibit binge in the last few weekends. Here’s what I saw (this is a long one)…Read More »