February Update

Back to the grind. It feels good and strange at the same time being back working in the corporate world. The first week went well, lots of trying to familiarize myself with the company’s computer system, process, easing in slowly to the company culture, learning names, dealing with current or new design problems and sitting in meetings. It’s all very familiar. What I’m really looking forward to is figuring out my schedule for the rest of the year. What would life be without traveling?Read More »


Hustling In Southern California’s Job Market.

New Year, New Challenges. 2017 for me started out with a bang where going on job interviews have become a standard day to day life. Whoo! lucky me 🙂 I hope someone out there can relate to me on this but, the job market in Southern California (specifically L.A. and O.C.) have gotten more competitive within the Digital field. Base on the last few interviews I’ve gone through, my interview experiences have been very interesting to say the least. Read More »