Playing with my fingertips on a string in Cremona.

Known as a musical destination, Cremona hit all the right notes. My friends and I embarked our way for the day here celebrating the end of our semester. As it turns out, the town was having their annual Fiesta Del Torrone. The streets were lined with markets selling various sumptuous nougats and musical performances with a stage set up in the middle of the square. There were youngters singing and dancing to songs from popular shows like Grease or Dirty Dancing. It was hard not to get into the groove of it all.

cremona18.jpgcremona3.jpgcremona8.jpgIMG_2626.JPGimg_2632If you ask me, the city center is the main attraction which has beautiful old architectures. The Cremona Cathedral has a bell tower that is a symbol of the city and is the tallest pre-modern tower in Italy.  cremona19.jpgI adored the exterior of this Romanesque art style monuments. It’s something we don’t see at all in California.  cremona13.jpgcremona4.jpgWe climbed about 500 steps of Fiera Del Torrone. The cost was 5-7 euros but, it was worth it. At the very top, you get this view of the entire city. It was a bit foggy, although, the sun peaking through the clouds gave a nice touch of light. cremona11.jpgcremona5cremona16.jpgAfter the sun came down, the performances continued and more people gathered around the square. Being in this square felt like we were back in the old days.

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