Top 9 Favorite Meals in Europe

It’s no surprise, I love to travel. With my on the go lifestyle hopping from one country to another, I think I’ve quite built up a knack for tastes in places and well, also food.Read More »


Castello Sforzesco

Did you know that every Tuesdays after 2pm certain museums are free in Milan? What da ya know! Of course, there’s nothing I’d rather do than to spend my day getting to know my own city. Let’s take a closer look at Castello Sforzesco.Read More »

Beating the Heat in Europe

Coming from Los Angeles, you’d think I’m used to the heat in Europe. I was dead wrong. The heat here is as brutal as it is in the valley of So. Cal. You see, I’ve always been near the beach or close enough to get some sort of ocean breeze. If that wasn’t enough, my a/c in the car spoiled me rotten. Overall, I’ve always managed to avoid being in the heat. Read More »