Swim with Swans in Lugano

Who knew there was a beautiful lake hidden 2 hours away from Milano. We arrived mid-day to Lugano sweating under the 80 degree weather. Neither of us knew exactly where to go except at some point eat a gelato.

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Revisiting Genoa

I have a confession to make. I like Genoa. The first time I was here we landed in the downtown area and I immediately hated it. A few months later, I was invited to come back to this city and stay with friends of my significant other. Usually, I’d jump at the chance for any adventure but, this time I was hesitant. I knew what I was getting myself into until we arrived. I was wrong. Dead wrong!Read More »

Keep it ticking.

It was about 7 months ago that I hopped on a plane and set foot in Milan wondering what this new world of mine would turn to. My mind at that time was adjusting, struggling and trying to understand so many things about this new culture that, to me, went against my beliefs in many ways. To some degree, it still does.Read More »

Armani Silos

Picture this, you’ve been given a project at work and a client requires a 24 hours turn around time for a project that you know it will take longer than 2 days. Your boss has already tried to ask for an extension but, they’ve insisted that it’s impossible. Yikes! Well, that’s exactly what’s happening now at this moment in my world, too much work so little time.Read More »