Applying for Permit Of Stay in Italy

It is a requirement for anyone staying in Italy more than 90 days to apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno within the next 8 days of your arrival. Base on my experience, I can tell you that applying for the Permesso di Soggiorno is a long process.

What you need:

Registration Application
Postage Stamp
Receipt for your appointment to the Questura.
Gather all of your documents (the same docs. you submitted to get your visa)
Copies B&W and color (1 set for you, Questura, School & Postale Italiene)

Step 1: First, I met with the school advisor to personally talk about the necessary details that are needed before starting the process. I did this the 2nd day of my arrival.

  1. To register you have to go to the Post Office a.k.a. “PosteItaliane”. The building is in yellow and blue color. See here: You’ll need your passport w/ your visa information, a copy of your passport and visa, a copy of your health insurance, a copy of your codice fiscale (if you have it), an Italian number and your postage stamp.
  2. Buy the “Marca di Bollo” postage stamp before you go to the post office. It should cost 16 euros at any Tabacchi store. For some reason they don’t have it in the Post Office, I have no idea why.

Step 2: Go to Poste Italiane and get a waiting number from the yellow ticket machine. The machine is usually close to the entrance/exit door and the system will also show at least 5 different categories to choose from (at least mine did) and they’re all in Italian. Still, the “Permesso di Saggiorno” doesn’t fall under one of the category options so, I suggest asking a friend who has previously done this and ask which category is the correct one. The other option is to ask an English speaking person at the Postale office.

Also, it helps to come on a slow day i.e. Friday an hour before closing or the first hour when they open.

Step 3: At the counter, present your ticket # and ask for the Questura application. He/She should know what it is and they will hand you a set of documents. Depending on time, you can fill this out on the same day. For me, I came back the next day in order to make sure I had everything filled out and/or had all of the proper documents I needed.

Step 4: On the application, there are about 8 pages. Make sure you fill out all of the necessary information including the 3 different sections for the postage (see image below). I didn’t do this because of some language barrier so, in person the gentleman at the counter requested for me to fill this out. Of course, I had no idea what he was saying. Luckily, someone next to me spoke English and she translated everything. Without her, I don’t know if I would be able to process the application alone😦

Cost for the application: 139 euros.


Step 5: Bring your completed application on your next visit to Poste Italiene along with your passport and visa documents. Hand the Questura application to Poste Italiene and once this is processed they should give you an appointment date for Questura. There’s usually a 2-weeks wait until your appointment.

Step 6: On your Questura appointment day, bring everything from your passport to visa documents and copies. You will likely have to wait for about an hour or so.

For me, sadly my appointment was re-scheduled to a much later date upon arriving on my first Questura visit. I’ll spare you the details but come prepared, be extremely patient and you should be ok.

Step 7: The actual process for a Permit of Stay is less than 30 min. All they do is take your information and put it in the system. Once this is completed you will be asked to return in a month to pick up your card. They will usually send you a text message once your card is ready or check online via Questura .

Step 8: When your card is ready to be picked-up, check the time and date with Questura. The way the Permit of Stay is usually done is that the morning shifts are for processing your information and then the afternoon is for picking up the card that’s been completed. I’m not sure if this holds true for all of the Questura locations so, make sure to ask.

Step 9: Picking up your card is about the same wait time as processing your card. Because I returned to Questura about 5x or more, the gentleman who helped me all through this process already knew my intentions and why I came. Therefore, he was nice enough see me and gave me my card within 15 min. upon my arrival.

Step 10: Smile. Whether it took 3 or 5 months, you finally have your Permit of Stay card and that’s all it matters.

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