Happy Halloween! Normally, a day like today I’m prepping on my Halloween costume and getting ready for a huge party at night. This year, I’m skipping it and instead I made my way to Verona. It was the best decision ever.

For quite some time, Verona has been on my list of things to see in Europe. I was attracted mostly for its history and the architectures but, generally to explore. First, I couldn’t get over how lucky we’ve been with the weather. It really sets a different mood for everything. It would be unlikely for me to be in Verona if, it was raining per se.

Anyhew, we started the day late and arrived in Verona around 3pm. I found it very convenient that there were trains departing every 20 minutes from the Centrale Station in Milan. A definite plus for us! We arrived and walked around for about 6 hours.


*Don’t forget to stamp your ticket!!!!!

Piazza delle Erbe – the main square of Verona. You’ll find a ton of restaurants here, a mini market in the middle of the square and a great spot to people watch.
One down side of coming in the mid afternoon on a Saturday with a good weather is the crowd. Navigating through the streets was like going to a concert in a pool of people. It was my least favorite part of the trip but, it was still worth seeing Verona.
Although, the oddest thing of the day was seeing dogs everywhere. I knew that Italians loved their pets (especially dogs) because I see them all the time in Milan but, in Verona they seemed to be roaming everywhere. They must have had a dog show that day? No lo so.

Verona Arena: Where you will enter to go towards Casa di Giulieta. 
verona9From here, we made our way down to Casa Giulietta. The one thing good about Verona was that their streets were clearly marked and it’s a small town so, it’s really hard to get lost.
Verona Arena 

verona16 verona17
When the sun came down, so did the temperature. It got very cold but, this chocolate milk kept me warm. One thing that I like about being in Italy is their taste in food and drinks. They’re very passionate about it and this chocolate milk I ordered was as real as it gets. Nothing can ever top this one.

Castelvecchio – A gothic style architecture with M-shaped merlons. My friend and I spent some time walking here and taking photos. It was hard not to.

“Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


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