Spread Your Wings and Fly

A few more hours and I’m off to Milano. I still can’t believe this is all happening and quite honestly, it hasn’t hit me yet. The last few days was spent packing, spending some time with my parents and figuring out what I need. It’s so tough to put together the most essential items in 1 luggage but, I did it! I have an early flight so, until next time. A different day in a different time zone. Arrivederci!

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Meeting My New Roommates

When I confirmed my apartment a few months ago, I was ecstatic! Despite that I won’t know who my future roommates will be ahead of time, my mind wondered thinking what they would be like. Most of all, how I should approach the situation when I first walk through that door and introduce myself. I got creative and came up with a few ideas.Read More »

A Declaration of Pain

You’ve read that headline correctly. It doesn’t mean anything except a representative of my lack in sleep and well, I’ve lost my mind a little bit today.

I’ve been up since 5-ish hoping that I would arrive at the Secretary of State building in downtown L.A. by 8am. You may wonder why I’m up so early or why I’m even doing this? Remember that Declaration of Value document I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, my dear, this is all part of that process. Indeed, the document has become a Declaration of Pain. Excuse my bitterness. I think I’ve lost a brain cell somewhere between 5-8am. https://astintabroad.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/dichiarazione-di-valore-declaration-of-value-dv/
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